Hidden Valley Hunts

Mule Deer Hunts

Montana Mule deer hunt

Rifle &  Archery Mule Deer

Our Mule Deer hunts take place on very large private ranches.

Whitetail Hunts

Montana Whitetail deer hunts

Rifle & Archery Whitetail Hunts - Our Whitetail deer hunts take place on some of Eastern Montana’s finest whitetail country.

Elk Hunts

Montana Elk hunt

Rifle & Archery Elk Hunts - Elk hunts take place on the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest Lands as well as some bordering private ranches

Pronghorn Antelope Hunts

Montana pronghorn antelope hunt

Rifle & Archery  Antelope Hunts - A true western classic! This is an excellent hunt for hunters of all ages to take part in.

Buffalo Hunts

Montana Buffalo Hunt

Rifle & Archery Buffalo Hunts - We have partnered up with ranches in South Dakota and Montana to offer some exciting Buffalo Hunts.

Additional Hunts

Montana mountain lion hunt, merriam turkey hunt, black bear hunt

Rifle & Archery Mountain Lion Hunts - We offer additional hunts such as Mountain Lion, Merriam Turkey, Black Bear and Combination hunts.