Rifle Deer Hunt


Rifle Mule Deer Hunts

Our Mule Deer hunts take place on very large private ranches. The terrain varies from dry, rolling grasslands up to rough canyons with cuts and pockets of brush and trees. There are also open fields of grain and meadows of hay that lead up to patchy and heavy pine and cedar trees providing cover for the deer during hot Fall afternoons. On this hunt you will often see 20 to 50 deer daily. Success rate is over 95% with the outside spread on the antlers between 20-28 inches with 22-26 being about average.

Rifle Whitetail Hunts

Our Whitetail deer hunts take place on some of Eastern Montana’s finest whitetail country. The land is characterized by river bottoms with large hay and grain fields leading up to dry, rough, rolling grasslands with broken patches of trees and brush spread throughout the hills. We hunt such rivers as the Yellowstone River, Milk River, Tongue River, Powder River, Missouri River, Little Missouri River and Musselshell River. The best time to hunt our big bucks is during the November rut. Thus enabling us to use our binoculars to locate your buck and then stalking to within range or jumping the deer from a bedded area. Success is high for bucks with 16-22 inch outside spreads, scoring 120-160 B.C. points. This hunt is a great chance to get that trophy whitetail of a lifetime

Trophy Deer Hunts

In addition to the antelope, mule deer and whitetail hunts offered by Hidden Valley Outfitters on over 150,000 acres of private property, we will also offer a very limited number of TROPHY EXCLUSIVE HUNTS. These hunts take place on ranches that allow no other hunting and are managed for BIG deer only. Whitetails will be in the 150"-185" class and mule deer in the 160"-205" class. Limited Hunters. If your trophy room is in need of something a little more than average, take a look at these hunts. Each ranch offers something different, so look them over close and get in contact with us for availability and rates. Again, we take a very limited number of clients on these ranches, so do not hesitate to book early, they will go quickly.