Frequently Asked Questions


Hidden Valley Outfitters

When do we arrive at and depart from camp?   

On all our hunts we ask our clients to arrive after 3:00pm the day before your hunt. Departure will be the evening of the last day of your hunt or the following morning.

What is your ratio of guides to hunters?  

All hunts are priced at two (2) or three (3) hunters per guide. 1 x 1 hunts are available for an additional fee.

What happens if I do not draw the antelope tag on my combination hunt?  

Combination hunters NOT drawing antelope licenses are still obligated for the deer hunt on the original dates booked.

Where do I fly/drive to for camp?  

Hidden Valley Outfitters operates multiple camps in 2 states. When flying, please contact Tracy Weyer to determine which airport is closest to the camp in which you will be hunting. The 3 airports most commonly used are Billings MT, Bismarck ND and Rapid City SD. You will most likely fly into one of these three airports, rent a 4 wheel drive vehicle and drive approximately 2 to 3 hours to your hunting destination.

What is your wound policy?  

Any hunter drawing blood and/or wounding any animal will be finished hunting. Our guarantee and obligations for your hunt fees are completed at that time. Any hunter not informing us of a shot taken, a shot missed, or a possibly wounded or dead animal will be ejected from camp after dealing with the Montana State Game Warden for wanton waste of a big game animal. We WILL make every effort to retrieve and find any wounded animal. Any hunter wounding an animal will be allowed to pay one-half of brochure price of the hunt to continue hunting. This will be only after an exhaustive search for the wounded animal not found. If this happens two times, your hunt is completed.

Are deposits refundable?  

No. Deposits are non-refundable. Here is a short explanation of why we must enforce this policy. After you have made a reservation and sent us your deposit, we are no longer able to market that hunt. We turn away numerous hunting parties every year because we are fully booked. When we turn these parties away, they go to other services and make alternate hunting arrangements. If you cancel your hunt, we will not have the opportunity to sell this hunt to any of these other parties. We understand your hunt is a vacation for you, but please understand that all the employees of Hidden Valley Outfitters depend upon the revenue earned from the hunting season for our livelihood.

Refund Policy

Refunds on deposits are only given if a license is not drawn, and there are  no "over the counter", or "left over " licenses available to purchase.  Either for the species you are hunting or a combination license containing the species you are hunting.  Please keep in mind these "over the counter"  or "left over" licenses  may cost extra to purchase than your original application fee.     EXAMPLE:  You apply for the "Deer Combination License",  you do not draw the license, but there are "Big Game Combination" licenses available to purchase over the counter, you are required to purchase this license, even if it is of higher price for the license.

Are gratuities included in the price of the hunt?  

No. Gratuities are not included and they are not required. However, you are strongly encouraged to tip your guides and your cook. We recommend $300 - $500 per hunter for your guide and $100-$200 per hunter for your cook. Their job is to take good care of you so we ask you to do the same.

Are there special requirements for archery?

Yes. A bow and arrow license, plus the proper hunting license is required during: (1) the deer, elk and /or antelope Archery Only Season; or (2) to archery hunt in an Arch-Equip only area or hunting district. To purchase a Montana bow and arrow license, a hunter must:

* Provide a certificate of completing the National Bowhunter Education Foundation course or

* Provide any prior years bowhunting/archery stamp, tag, permit or license from any state or province.

How Tough Are Our Hunts?  

On our hunts you will be staying right at the ranch house with us. You will have hot showers and eat home style meals with our family. For those wanting to stay closer to the night-life a newer local Motel is also close at hand for your use, with restaurants, bars and casinos available. The use of private property, 4-wheel drive trucks, preseason scouting, knowledgeable guides, plentiful game, and the kind of country we hunt, most of the hunts are not real physically demanding. We have guided clients in their teens to in their 70's and have had very good success. Anyone under 18 must submit proof verifying they have completed a safe handling firearms course. Anyone having special needs will be matched up with the right guide. The pace of the hunt will be geared to accommodate you on your western hunt.

What equipment should I bring?  

Weather in MT is considerably variable so do your homework! Check the weather forecast for Wibaux MT and it should give you a good idea of the changing conditions.Warm coat (preferably wool), Light coat, Warm hat, Two (2) pairs warm gloves, Wool pants, Two (2) pairs wool socks, Plenty of cotton socks, Two (2) complete changes of clothes, Long underwear, Leather hunting boots, If the weather is cold and snowy you will want leather top pac-boots (Schnee’s type), Raincoat and rain pants or poncho, Warm sleeping bag (rated to -10F), Fanny pack and/or day pack, 400 square inches hunter orange, Rifle/Bow, Two (2) boxes of shells/12 arrows, License, Watch, Binoculars, Knife, Two (2) small disposable flashlights, Camera and extra film, Rangefinder, Shooting sticks, Game bags

What Rifles & Optics do you recommend?    

We recommend flat shooting calibers, . .25-06, .270, 7mm, .300 for our deer and antelope hunts. Your rifle should be sighted in 1-2 inches high at 100 yards. A 4x or better scope is recommended for this is big country and shots can be long. Prepare yourself for shots 25 to 400 yards with a good average of about 250 yards.  Please practice!! Sight in your gun and practice shooting FREE HAND, kneeling, sitting and prone. Be comfortable shooting and KNOW YOUR GUN. Every year we see Trophy animals get away because of the hunter's shooting. Bring good quality binoculars. The country we hunt is very big and good binoculars can save you time and many miles of walking.  A bipod is strongly recommended for this type of country.

Hidden Valley Outfitters

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